Reflecting on Emerald City Comic cons past!

As we gear up to go to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle Washington as vendors (for the first time…WOOT WOOT) We are finding ourselves thinking about the fun we had the last two years that we have gone, as fans.

I had never gone to comic con before I met my husband; and I have to say meeting him was the best thing ever….because of COMIC CON!!!!! (And he is amazing and I love him).  I wanted to take a moment and remember the amazing time we had as fans before we get to have a new experience as vendors.

Image    Eddie McClintock —Pete Lattmier Warehouse 13  

We had the amazing privilege to me the talented Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13. Our experience meeting him was like no other. He was the most down to earth and fun actor that we have met at comic con.We had planned out our day and it started with him. The second the doors opened we b-lined to his table, willing to wait as long as we needed. Most celebrities would let their minions (helpers) get their table ready while they did….whatever celebrities do while they wait. But not him, he came out and set up his own table while interacting with his fans. 


ImageSummer Glau – River Tam Firefly

We had the opportunity to meet the AMAZING Summer Glau on the last day of the Con. She was so popular that to get a good place in her line you had to get in line the second the doors opened. We were first in line and waited over 2 hours to meet her. She unfortunately had been running late and when she finally arrived she was very apologetic. Summer was a very sweet woman and I have to add TINY. I thought I could crusher her. Though in reality she did all of her own stunts on Firefly so I would propably lose any fight against her. 





We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing actors for the world we love. We are even more blessed to get to enjoy ECCC from a new angle….VENDORS!!!!!!! If you happen to find your self at ECCC 2014 please come check out our booth GEEK4GEEK. We also will have a guest graphic artist joining us: Dave Bennet.

You can check out his store with the following link:



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