GEEK4GEEK’s Most Entertaining Comic Book Character

GEEK4GEEK’s Most Entertaining Comic Book Character


We here at GEEK4GEEK were sitting around discussing our favorite comic book characters. The discussion went all over the place, and around and around and around. Then on a whim we decided it would be fun to elect a “Most Entertaining Comic Book Character”. AAAANNNNNDDDD…

The award goes to…..DEADPOOL! (which happens to be GEEK4GEEK’s founder’s favorite character…was it rigged? We will never know because she will not tell us!)

Here is a little piece about our award winner:

Deadpool, born Wade Winston Wilson, is a mercenary and anti-hero who looks out for number one; however he is not like any other character that has graced the pages of our favorite books. He is truly aware that he is a character in a comic book and often has inner monologs that drive that point home. Since 1991, when he first appeared in Marvel Comics Mutants #98, he has delighted his readers in a way that no other character can. He constantly takes on his enemies with humor, one liners, and pure insanity. How can you not love him? Or at the very least be completely entertained by his quick wit.

He is personally our founders favorite character because he introduced her into the amazing world of comics. Through his antics she has been able to enjoy and experience a new world that has inspired her to create GEEK4GEEK and share her passion with the world.

It is with that we congratulate and thank Deadpool for many years of entertainment and bless him with many more.

We have included with this post a picture from our recent trip to Emerald City Comicon in Seattle Washington. This picture depicts Deadpool from the point of view of his fan (a good example of his wit and insanity).



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