Geeks & Nerds United and Proud

Geeks & Nerds United and Proud
(Artwork to come)

I recently watched a video on youtube of Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher on STNG, and the true King of the nerds) talking about what it meant to be a nerd. I really enjoyed the video for two reasons: I LOOOOOOVE Wil Wheaton and what he said is exactly how I feel.

He describes being a nerd when he grew up and states that “being a nerd is not about what you love but how you love” (Wil Wheaton). That is absolutely the truth. Most of us grew up in a world where the label nerd or geek had a connotation about it. When we labeled people we saw them as weird, uncool, the kids that sit alone at lunch. Many people hid the fact that they were a nerd or geek to be accepted. That is why I love the time we live in now.

People, like myself, can proudly wear that badge. To no longer have to hide in the shadows or be outcasted; and because of that the terms have grown into a much larger meaning. As Wil Wheaton says “it is how you love” anyone is a geek if they have found their passion no matter what it is. Reading, writing, acting, helping others any and everything else we can think of. As long as people exude love, light up, beam with passion and excitement, and make those around them excited to then they are a geek.

Without geeks and nerds the world would be passionless, gray and lost. We exist for a reason to bring hope to the world and to show people what is means to love in all forms.

We will not hide!
We will not be ashamed!
We will fly our geek flag proudly!
We will share our passion with the world!
We are GEEKS and NERDS!
We stand united and proud!


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