Deadpool & The Big Screen

By Nicole Jacobs, Founder & Managing Partner @ GEEK4GEEK

I am sure that we all have seen/heard about the Deadpool teaser footage that has been released. As I am a SUPER HUGE Deadpool fan I can say without a doubt I was over the moon when I saw it. I have never been Ryan Renyolds #1 fan but I have enjoyed his work. Seeing him play the iconic character in the footage I am confident in saying that they made the right choice.

It is one of those times when things just seem to fit. To use the example of Clark Gregg playing Phil Coulson.

Who in the world would think that was a bad fit? I see Ryan Reynolds being the same. I am a believer that what makes Deadpool a great character is his personality. He has a great personality which brings in a lighter/brighter feeling; like when someone uses humor to break the tension. That is the perfect example for this simple reason: it is exactly what he does.

When speaking of Ryan Reynolds I think he will make this character even more mainstream. In the years Deadpool has grown in popularity but is still a comic book character. This movie and Ryan Reynolds have the opportunity to make him come more into the light like other comic book characters. I hope they don’t squander this opportunity!

Getting back to Ryan; I recently watched Blade Trinity. This movie is decent with a lot of great one liners from multiple characters. Ryan plays the character of Hannibal King. King was my favorite character because he had great one liners, tremendous fighting skills and best of all he was able to (or at least tried) to lighten the mood with humor. Sound familiar?

After seeing the teaser footage and watching Blade Trinity I have come to the conclusion, stated above, that Ryan Reynolds to Deadpool has the potential to be the Clark Gregg to Phil Coulson equivalent. Magic could be made.

Though the movie executives may have created great footage, and casting decisions they have huge expectations to live up to. Deadpool has a following, to say the least; and all of these people have been waiting for years for this movie. We have been patient and disappointed in the past. Especially with the portrayal of Deadpool in X-men Origins: Wolverine (also played by Ryan Reynolds). That was not deadpool!!!

My hopes is that this movie does justice to the great character. It has so much potential and I am very excited to see it. If it does not live up to the character or my expectations I will be tremendously disappointed but I will not love and appreciate Deadpool any less.


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