Walking in Coulson’s Footsteps

Walking in Coulson’s Footsteps

By: Nic Jacobs Founder & Managing Partner @ GEEK4GEEK

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico for a mini vacation. I had never been before and although I was dreading leaving my animals I was very excited. I went with my husband (it was a work trip for him that he extended into a vacation). For the first few days I stayed in the hotel room while my husband worked.

When he was done working for the trip we got out and saw the beautiful country. The first place we went was to Old San Juan. It was beautiful and full of such a rich history. No wonder why Marvel Agents of Shield chose to shoot on location there. Oh yeah you heard me! When I found out I has such mixed feelings.

I was excited to be in Puerto Rico just because, I was excited because Coulson and the other Agents had been there. Then I realized I was awfully disappointed because we had missed being there when they were. However with time and beautiful views the confusion passed and I was once again able to enjoy the trip with no distractions.

It wasn’t until I was able to catch up with the episodes that I had been putting off when I paused and almost had a heart attack. Okay I am being a bit dramatic but oh well. I had finished the episode just before the Puerto Rico one. You know at the end they usually show scenes from next weeks episode. That is when it happened. I saw it.


Coulson and Billy standing in the same spot that my husband and I stood in. Looking at the same view. I was so excited. I literally walked in Coulson’s footsteps. After actually watching the episode. I was curious about what they did when they were not shooting. After all they are in a beautiful country. I found this picture floating around the internet:

Casa Lola

I was stunned into silence. When I gained my composure I said out loud (even though I was alone) “Son of a B****!” I actually said it, this is just an effort to not offend any one or if kids read this.

My husband and I went there twice. It shocks me that we had been to Puerto Rico. Just that fact is enough to make me smile. But the fact  that we just missed them.

A few weeks earlier and based on the places that we went and the cast went we could have met them. How amazing is that?

If Coulson is not a character you love (firstly why are you here!) that is okay. Just take Coulson and put in a character that you love more than anything. How excited would you be? I know right. At least I can take solace in the fact that I will get to meet him at Emerald City Comic Con in March. It will still be awesome. But a by chance meeting would have kicked grass!


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