True Fans

By: Nic Jacobs Founder & Managing Partner @ GEEK4GEEK

As a fan of Deadpool I did the logical thing….I joined a Deadpool group on Facebook. Through the group I get unlimited content of my fav guy. Well over the past few months I have seen two posts that have made me think. The first was in relation to the fact the Deadpool is becoming more mainstream with the movie coming out and the new merchandise because of it. The second being what type of fan are you: comic collector or memes?

This made me think about what kind of fan am I. I started out with memes and merchandise but have started my own comic collection which includes the first ever appearance of Deadpool….(I know right?). I am excited for the movie and love seeing all the new merchandise that comes out. I am a true fan right?

Some may say no because I haven’t been a long time fan. There seems to be some strain between those who have and those who are new to Deadpool fandom. My two cents is this:


It does not matter how long you have been a fan for, why you are a fan, how you show off your fandom. We are all fans….and because of that we should all get a long. Have new people allows the older ones share their knowledge, it provides more points of view and gives way to many different types of discussions.

Though I have limited this post to Deadpool fandom the issue stands for everything. Embrace the evolution of fandom and the new generations. It is what keeps the characters  alive and loved. Yes there can be disagreements but they shouldn’t break us apart. It is because of fans that the awesome movies, books etc get made.

Speaking for myself…I embrace all who love what I love. It gives me more people to GEEK out with.



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