A Little About us…

Our blog was created to help us interact with the geeky community on a weekly and monthly basis. Our main motivation was to create a place where geeks can go and read about all things geeky; from comic books, TV shows, anything and everything you can think of.

As of right now we only have one blogger Nicole Jacobs. Nicole is the founder and managing partner of GEEK4GEEK. Being a geek and writing are two of her passions so this is the perfect fit for her. Below is a little about both GEEK4GEEK and Nicole.


Is an online art entertainment retail store. We specialize in t-shirts and prints. We are currently expanding into the independent market. We want to be a place were independent artists can go and sell their own work. We ourselves are developing original concepts to bring into the market.

Our five year plan is to expand into a physical location as well as continue to sell online.

NICOLE (@TrekkiNic)-

Nicole Jacobs is a geek at heart and is currently our only blogger and our founder. She and her husband started GEEK4GEEK as a passion project and have loved every minute of it. She currently lives in Washington state with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. She has a passion for anything geeky and writing.





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