Looking Forward to Comic Con….

Looking Forward to Comic Con…. By: Nicole Jacobs, Founder & Managing Partner @ GEEK4GEEK As Emerald City Comic Con approaches I find myself becoming increasingly excited to meet the man who plays one of my all time favorite Characters: John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harnkess. Captain Jack Harkness was introduced in the popular show Dr. […]

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Deadpool & The Big Screen

By Nicole Jacobs, Founder & Managing Partner @ GEEK4GEEK I am sure that we all have seen/heard about the Deadpool teaser footage that has been released. As I am a SUPER HUGE Deadpool fan I can say without a doubt I was over the moon when I saw it. I have never been Ryan Renyolds […]

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GEEK4GEEK Original Designs

GEEK4GEEK Original Designs JELLY BABY?? We are trying to move away from doing the mainstream geeky products; by that I mean the ones that you can get anywhere. We have recently changed the focus of our business. We want to be a place for independent artists can go and sell there own designs as well […]

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